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Here is what I have to need to know from you –

Let’s assume you have absolutely no experience and little talent as a writer but have had kind of an unconventional life, traveled quite a bit and had a few interesting experiences in your life, and you have this insane desire to pen them down so that one day your children or perhaps your grand children will be able to read and be inspired. What would you do in that case?

To be very honest with you, I asked this question to a traveler -and though he was taken aback by the question he replied he would jot down some interesting stories or insights with context and feelings!

We ask this question to Kim Smith,an author of fiction stories for YA and adults, and here is what she had to say –

I think that your desire to write and publish the story of your life experiences for a legacy is a wonderful way to allow family to experience it. You should do it. Print on demand publishing was created with you in mind. Your family will not care if it is perfect. I say yes! Do it!

Kim Smith

What if the scenario is not this simple, what if you want to publish the write up so that someday it becomes a reason for someone else to travel or imagine the world sitting in the comfort of his/her home.

“Should you have a real book made and publish?

In our quest to know if publishing has been becoming easy over the years, we go asking more authors and here’s what they have to say-

Bruhad Buch author of ” The Life of Death” has much to say about this-

Amazon Kindle has reached not only millions of subscribers but even touched their hearts. As authors, Kindle Publishing is probably the easiest and the most convenient way of presenting the author’s work of art. A transparent process helps in understanding the details which other promotional websites hide from you. To summarise, convenience, user experience, transparency and reliability are the key ingredients that make Kindle the most preferred distributor.

Bruhad Buch

We contacted Anokehi Yahaya Shuaibu, author of a short story and poetry titled, “Advise for young scholars” and found his reply equally interesting.

The reason for self publishing my book is that I don’t have access to known publishers. Now through Kindle, I can order my paperback book and sell to schools here in Nigeria as I believe the content of the book to be impactful to young scholars.


So if you have it in you then all that needs to be done for being a published author is to Kick start your Writing Career!

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