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In this whole new series: Be that published novelists who knows the secrets to finish a book:- learn easy tips that are gathered from everyday instances to make them relatable and therefore, easy to grasp and adapt.

Having already conquered the art to start a novel from our earlier two lessons you are now ready to begin your third lesson.

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Lesson# 3: How to construct a story idea into a full fledged book.

You have an idea. Congratulations!

Most people when they think have an idea what they really have is a scene but don’t have an idea of the story-line. If you are one of them you are just like how I began my journey of novel writing.

My first debut fiction novel actually started with an abuse scene the character had to go through and a conclusion the character could eventually arrive to. Not knowing how to go about I wrote down the abusive scene and just dwelled upon it for many weeks. That one scene created such an intense image in my mind, and the character felt so real to me, that I pasted it on my Facebook wall and received responses from many. Whoever showed interest in that piece I went to meet them and started to ask questions, in course of time few people shared their experiences on similar situation and slowly and steadily I could figure out how my character could get into that situation and how it could lead to the outcome I wanted. The story took shape and became a book.

So if to you your idea is the most exciting, upsetting, or amazing moment in your story, then-

Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm. Brainstorming is something all writers should be doing.

Because, to readers it should become the emotional power of the story.

Therefore, research for further inspiration.

Its time to write it down!

Write it and give yourself time to refine and clarify your central idea.

Because, you know the situation but don’t know how to arrive at it.

Weave smaller ideas into your central concept

And, eventually develop a world around a single scene.

But, stay focused on character goals and conflict.

Finally, if you want the reader to read your mind-listed below are few broad pointers that should help you build your character around your idea –

  1. Begin by introducing your character through an incident that the character has lived, or an experience he/she is having say a ride through a scenic place, or maybe an event he/she is participating in. A beginning should be lasting and impressive.

2.Describe the character so that the reader can imagine and not draw his own conclusions. Give the reader enough to go on-Tall? Short? Hair color? Eye color? age? gender?Anything else that stands out to you.

3.Once the character is formed in the reader’s mind then only get into detail characterization, his/her complexities, or motivations.

4.Introduce all your main characters within one-third of the book as a rule. Later introductions always confuse the mind of the reader and make him/her lose touch with the story.

5. Make your characters simple and the situation complex. Simple people who are driven crazy because of the situation at hand and their strong personalities force them to do things the hard way are loved by readers.

Most people can start a short story or a novel. And for anyone who hasn’t started writing, this is another reminder to consider doing. So write what you know and think deeply about.

And when you do, it’s only right that you share it– on our Authorsonline Facebook group so that we publish them here. Cheers!

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