Be kind to yourself

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Do you want the reader to be taken away with every emotion your protagonist experienced? And get stuck?

Do you plan to write a few words every day or on weekends? And fail?

Do you experience a distracted mind, sinking enthusiasm? And have an incomplete book?

Do you think it’s the well-known WRITERS BLOCK?

THEN-be kind to yourself

Change how you approach things by following the 5 pointers given below:

1. Write the most challenging parts, ones with the most twists, turns and gushing emotions.

2. Write the beginning.

3. Write the end.

4. Fill the remaining and make the flow happen.

 5. Edit, Edit, Edit!

Have the most enthralling story

I’m a reader, a writer, an architect, a dreamer, and an optimist all rolled into one. I adore reading books with female characters and I have this annoying habit of taking copious notes and remembering what resonates with me in what I read.
Female writers such as Kavita Kane, Jhumpa Lahiri, Chitra Banerjee, Sudha Murthy, Namitha Gokhle, and Taslima Nasreen have inspired me over the years.
I began writing myself a few years ago, starting with essays for journals and publications and eventually becoming an obsessive blogger.

For Kindle readers, I wrote a novella and a short tale, as well as a few short stories on Reedsy. If you wish to read longer versions of my work, click on the links below. If you have time to read some of my works, please leave a comment so that I know.-

Much Love-

Babika Goel