Must-read books by eleven women authors from around the world.

We celebrate some incredible female writers, from bestselling authors to rising literary stars-here! Presenting you our first series, where you can directly reach out the author by clicking on her name and in case you want to buy her book (or read for free) then click the link provided in the red box provided at the bottom-that says -Buy the book or click here to read for free.

Breaking up with stress

by Parushi Kalra: lays out simple and effective ways to deal with everyday stress in your life. It follows a sequential pattern, beginning with familiarizing you with the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of stress, moving on to acknowledging and processing your stress, then taking steps to deal with it and ultimately forming healthy habits to keep yourself from stressors that could become an obstacle in your path to happiness. 

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Sinth Strain (3 book series)

By Pearl Tate: Don’t think you have read one like this, Sci-Fi(Science Fiction), mystery, and romance, from earth to stars from humans to aliens it has its readers intertwined in its many twists and turns. There is a prequel for the Sinth Strain Series Free on Story Origin

and then there is another series from the author Quasar Lineage

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Word Tingles

By Smriti Verma: this one’s a prolific writer and has written short Stories on every possible genre, Romance, Horror, Fiction, Motivational, and Mystery. click on her website word tingles and check the wonderful work she has been doing.

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Thriving Post Pendemic

By Lorah Kuvochi Luvanda: In the midst of the worst of situations that The COVID 19 pandemic has got the world into, you can still thrive in a post-pandemic world. All you need is the right information that shows you how in this book. It will bring light and renewed hope into your life, things that everyone needs all over the world.

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The Expansion of a Mind Divided!

by Lacius Vertz : An inception of stories wait just beyond your fingertips, a world of pain and love and grief and magic, a world that every heart can deeply relate to. Get ready to find yourself lost inside this literary world of descriptive poetry.

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Blanks & Blues

By Misbah Khan: is a coming of age story. But it’s not just a story for youngsters, besides Amazon, its available on Goodreads too-the link in Goodreads is –

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Hiraya cross- has written nine books so far in the category Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance. Books from the series are feel-good romance books with adult characters, who portray gentle, kind, and strong personalities. Each book can be read as a stand-alone.  I’m providing you the author’s link in the Buy the Book option so that you may select as per your liking.

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Peaches & Cream

By Tymera Washington: This is a collection of poetry from the soul, describing experiences & trauma within three steps of life: LOVE, PAIN & HEALING! Life isn’t always going to be peaches & cream; you have to go through trials & tribulations before you reach the other side, where the grass can be greener. We aren’t born with the knowledge of knowing what to do and when to do it, this all comes with experience. “Peaches & Cream”.

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by Reni Stankova: is a historical fiction novel about a real historical figure. Will she survive to live and fighting in the mountain? Will she keep her gang from becoming outlaws themselves? And will her comrades accept her once they find out she is a woman?

the book is also available on the following sites-

Barnes & Nobles, KOBO &SMASHWORDS

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Journey from Salvation to Worship Workbook

By Delshanna Moore: compliments the original book, Journey from Salvation to Worship. Either independently, but best in a group, you can review your noted and gain insight as to how the Journey scriptures are applied and facilitate change in your life. GET WRAPPED in the Word of God via inspirational books, tee-shirts, and other faith-based products by subscribing to her website.

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The Chapters From My Diary: A Journey Of Love (Indian Romance Book 1) Kindle Edition

By Amiritha Varshini S: Aahana, a young girl who is recognized for her affable and loving character. Her everlasting crush is an aspiring doctor, he is Ayaan. Till a nightmare changes all. Will Aahana get back her beloved man? Will her happy days resume? This tale gives you the feel of serendipity, hope, and true love.

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Author: Babika Goel

Presenting my first series on women writers in hope that if we amplify the voices of women writers through reading them, sharing them on social media, and recommending them to people in our lives, we remind readers that women’s writing is essential. Days back, while dusting my bookshelf I realized some of my most cherished reads are books written by women authors and that’s what prompted me to start this series.

FROM THE AUTHOR- A book close to her heart-

The lost intimacy-want,have,take

By Babika Goel: In days of gender equality, this book is a good essay of what women go through unexpressed in marriages that are failing. It’s not to say that affairs are ‘in’ but rather they may be a way to revive a marriage, rather rework the old marriage. Simple, everyday English that most Indians will find comfortable, the author touches upon aspects of our lives that not many have the confidence to explore or at least talk about.

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Babika Goel as a successful author has coached many a budding writers due to her varied experiences and exposure to culturally, linguistically, and ethnically diverse countries.

Founder of, Babika is passionate about helping aspiring authors identify their best opportunities in the market.

You can email her at or reach out personally on her Instagram handle – Authorsonline

you can read her work-by clicking at below links-

The lost intimacya dazzling and provocative take on abusive marriage
The secret of the Dream Woman a small city woman’s courageous take on life.