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Hi guys, I’m working on my third book that is currently in bits and pieces, eventually it will be a story laden with secret histories and an overpowering philosophy, someday far, far in the future. And truly like any other writer, I need to lock myself behind doors and finish my work but till that happens I have started on Facebook a group where authors can share links of new book releases, and writers can enrich themselves from experiences of published authors. I do put occasional photos on Instagram but stay away from Twitter. In this blog besides sharing a lot of content on writing I have started a Series: Be that published novelist who knows the secrets to finish a book, where easy tips or advice’s to fellow writers come with every lesson.

Babika Goel
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Founder of, Babika is passionate about helping aspiring authors identify their best opportunities in the market.

You can email her at or reach out personally on her Instagram handle – Authorsonline

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You can read her work-by clicking at below links-

The lost intimacya dazzling and provocative take on abusive marriage
The secret of the Dream Woman a small city woman’s courageous take on life.

The preview copy of my third book comes free in PDF format in your mail box when you subscribe to my Blog. So happy reading and cheers to good writing.