Why read Indie authors?

All because-

Reading is an easy ticket to live someone else’s experience!

-Babika Goel(Author)
The lost intimacya dazzling and provocative take on abusive marriage
The secret of the Dream Woman a small city woman’s courageous take on life.

Lets first check how many books can you READ? and then figure out for yourself how many Indie authors can you encourage every year.

So tell me, how many days would you read books in an year?

I’m setting aside 200 days for us. Keeping the rest 165 days for family vacations and other fun stuff.

My next question is how many pages in a day?

Assuming an hour of reading per day, it will safely give us 30 pages a day. (considering 2 minutes per page, which is a lot more then what one’s usual time of flicking a page when absorbed in a good book).

How many pages in an year?

200 days of 30 pages equals to –six thousand pages.


Now, consider a book to be of five hundred pages, in that case you are easily reading 12 books a year- of-course books could be thicker or thinner, assumed this as an average.

Yet 12 books is quite a number.

So, my dear readers, choose a few INDIE author books among them, give them your valuable feedback, love, and encouragement. They just want that for their efforts. And in this very turbulent, unstable and unique phase of our life, I did just that-

And here I am sharing few Indie authors which I choose to read this month- if you click the authors name in the six listed below it will take you to their profile page and you can know everything you want to know about them there.

Patrick Chiguri
the recent book gives solutions to many critical issues facing the women of the African continent. Authors’ accessible style makes it a worthwhile read for the general reader as well.

Very beautifully the author in his very first letter ensures that the human rights of girls and women are realized. In subsequent letters he tries to re-structure her daughter thoughts by providing various solutions in order to improve life of future generations.

Alfred-Matthew Ikechukwu Nworie has a very informative book to offer. It is unique as it offers a comprehensive, detailed, and much-needed perspective of the functional steps required to start a school.

In depth explanation provided in each chapter,easy-to-read, motivating, and empowering, especially for a new entrepreneur. Its worth the money spent.

Gaurav Garg: has neither written a romance novel nor a self-help book in his recently published book. It is something in between. While writing this book, the author himself learned plenty of things about destiny and acting on dreams. Even publishing this book was one of the dreams he accomplished.

It is about two people, who despite having all kinds of troubles in their way, rise up to pursue their dreams. Karl, one of them, lost his parents’ in a very small age and since then he has been alone. On the other hand, Nysha studies in a school. She’s an introvert with a troubled family. Isten is the protagonist of the book who helps both of them in marvelous ways.

J.L lewman(author) has recently published a humorous parody book on Amazon. Its hilarious, witty, and outright funny!

Bob an overweight, incompetent, lazy man gets an offer to go on an unpleasant and very dangerous – probably fatal – mission just because he could pass off as a seemingly average man whose only aim in life is to eat doughnuts and free buffet. Jump into A book about Bob  to experience how the witty tone of the author can keep you in a jovial and lighthearted mood , hours after you put the book down.

David Andrew Jaffe-constantly reading, learning new things and expanding. He has written quite a few books from his own experiences.

From Nothing to Confusion brings you his Religious Odyssey 
Health and Fitness here learn how regular, ordinary people, could go from the couch to a life of health and fitness.
Teach Like a Ninja bask in how a treacherous teaching career ultimately succeeded.

And, learn how to survive the perils of dating, marriage, and divorce from You’re Doing Everything Wrong.

Tinashe Yadley Nyangombe-is a Professional Web Designer, Aviation Enthusiast, Author, and Singer.

The Kindle version of the book Web Design As A Career is free if you need to grab it.

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