I believe everyone has a story in them, and becoming a published author shouldn’t, therefore, be just a dream. In order to turn those dreams into realities, I created this platform. You can see my journey, from the founder page.

Babika Goel

I am available for personal assistance at any stage of your journey as an aspiring author or a content writer.

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Author: Babika Goel

Babika Goel as a successful author has coached many a budding writers due to her varied experiences and exposure to culturally, linguistically, and ethnically diverse countries.

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An architect, she has spoken at regional and national conferences and has been featured in many publications. She enjoys maintaining her blog, for her Architect fraternity & has authored many an articles related to her profession in magazines & journals from very early years of her career.

Founder of, Babika is passionate about helping aspiring authors identify their best opportunities in the market.

You can email her at or reach out personally on her Instagram handle – Authorsonline.

She has authored the following books-